Investigations have been performed to evaluate DTPA effectiveness in the removal of241 Am from the adult baboon. By administering therapy at long as well as at shorter times after single iv injections of241 Am, it was possible to study the efficacy of DTPA therapy as a function of the site of its deposition in the primate, i.e., the skeleton and/or the liver. Measurements of concentration changes effected in the bone and liver were performed by monitoring241 Am in tissue biopsy specimens, in vivo scintillation counting and routine radiochemical analysis of excreta. In that animal with an established bone burden of241 Am, a total of 8% of the body burden was removed due to DTPA administered over a 3-wk period, at a treatment regimen duplicating that presently used for man. Approximately 15% of the body burden was removed during a similar time period from an animal still having a significant fraction of its burden in the liver. Partition of activity excreted as a result of chelation therapy was monitored by daily analysis of urine and feces.

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