The influence of Zn-DTPA on the retention of239 Pu and241 Am injected intraperitoneally in the form of citrate into rats and Syrian hamsters was examined. In all untreated animals,239 Pu was retained mainly by the skeleton and241 Am mainly in the liver. In the hamster liver, however, the residence time of the radioactive deposit was considerably longer. Six doses of Zn-DTPA ($10\ \text{or}\ 100\ \mu \text{mole}\cdot {\rm kg}^{-1}$) given over the next month were more effective in rats than in hamsters; the liver burden was reduced more than the skeletal one and241 Am was removed more effectively than239 Pu. Difficulties in predicting the behavior of radionuclides and effectiveness of therapeutic removal in various mammalian species are discussed.

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