Mature Yorkshire sows were given 400-R exposures to60 Co gamma radiation delivered either to the total body or to the anterior or posterior body half only. At 20 min and at 24 hr after the exposure, blood samples were taken for the determination of chromosome aberrations as well as for hematological evaluation. White blood cells were subsequently monitored through the 14th wk postexposure. The recovery from depressed leukocyte numbers in the peripheral system tended to be slower and less complete after whole-body irradiation. Both one-event and two-event chromosome aberrations were induced in the leukocytes of whole-body irradiated sows at approximately three times the level seen with half-body exposures. The results indicate that the calculation of whole-body equivalencies from chromosome aberrations scored after partial-body exposures may lead to an underestimate of the equivalent whole-body dose.

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