Energy-deposition spectra of oxygen-ion beams of up to 250 MeV/nucleon were obtained in silicon semiconductor detectors at the Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory Bevatron. The removal of primaries in water and their fragmentation into nitrogen, carbon, and boron ions were measured. The mean free path of fast oxygen ions in water is 19.4 ± 1.3 cm, corresponding to a total cross section of 1.55 B "per molecule." The partial cross sections for production of fragments are 331 ± 140 mB for nitrogen, 324 ± 64 mB for carbon, and 102 ± 14 mB for boron. Calculations of fluence and depth-dose distributions based on our fragmentation data are in good agreement with experimental results. Also presented are measurements of energy deposition of oxygen beams stopping in silicon and germanium and measurements of the effect of nuclear interactions occurring in the semiconductor detectors themselves.

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