Skin reactions occurring on the legs of mice after 230 kV X-irradiation were used to investigate the combined effects of X-irradiation and bleomycin. Bleomycin was given daily for 5 days (5 mg/kg/day), either preceeding or following graded single doses of X rays. Skin reactions occurring after combined treatment were compared to skin reactions produced by X-irradiation alone. Both bleomycin treatment schemes yielded average 1-30 day postirradiation skin reactions greater than skin reactions seen after X-irradiation alone. Dose-response curves for the combined treatments were parallel to the X-irradiation alone treatment, but were displaced upwards. The responses obtained in the two bleomycin schemes were not significantly different. The dose modifying effect of the bleomycin treatments ranged from 1.5 at low levels of effect to 1.2 at higher levels of effect. It is concluded that the combined effects of bleomycin and X-irradiation were additive.

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