Adult male rats were injected twice weekly for 30 days with 0, 12.5, 62.5, 125, or 250 μg CdCl2 solution, then (1) maintained another 30 days (Day 60) without further treatment if used for the CdCl2 mortality study, or (2) administered X-rays if used for either the radiosensitivity study or the investigations concerned with the effect of the co-insults on the blood picture (number of circulating RBC and WBC, including differentials). A tissue accumulation and distribution study showed that cadmium is retained in the liver and kidney, followed by lesser concentrations in the spleen, heart, intestine, lung, stomach, muscle, blood, and brain. Tissue accumulation of Cd was linearly related to CdCl2 administered. Concentrations of 125 μg CdCl2 solution or less caused no mortality while the higher concentration killed 20%.

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