The acute lethal effects of fast neutrons and of X-rays on adults and larvae of T. confusum are compared. The time course of mortality of adults of the Oklahoma strain was the same after midlethal doses of neutrons and X-rays, although the neutrons were about twice as effective as X-rays in producing lethality, based on${\rm LD}_{50(35)}$. The neutron RBE for adults of the Ebony mutant strain was also about 2, but that for Oklahoma larvae was about 3.85. Larvae surviving midlethal doses of neutrons showed a tendency toward wing abnormalities and delayed pupation. Dose-fractionation recovery with neutron doses in the midlethal range was not detectable in the adults or in the larvae. A considerable sparing effect of dose fractionation was found in X-irradiated adults. Also presented are techniques for using a beam port of a Triga research reactor for fast-neutron irradiation and a method of neutron and gamma dosimetry.

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