Using FeSO4 dosimetry in a comparative study, the response of LiF dosimeter rods 1 mm in diameter by 6 mm in length to electron beams of initial energies in the range 5-39 MeV was investigated. The electron beam cavity theories of T. E. Burlin, R. J. Shelling, and B. Owen (1969), P. R. Almond and K. McCray (1970), and L. H. Bragg-Gray (1937) were employed in the estimation of absorbed doses. The LiF dosimeter was found energy independent over the range of electron energies covered. Bragg-Gray's and Almond's electron beam theories confirm this finding within 2%. The overall experimental error in the work is within 2%. Burlin's electron beam theory gave values that were considerably out, especially at the lower end of the range of energy covered.

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