Spectrophotometric studies of MTHF solutions at 298 and 77 K show that indole exists as an undimerized, nonaggregated form in the concentration range$10^{-4}-10^{-1}$ M. Estimation of electron-scavenging efficiency by indole in irradiated 77 K glasses by optical and EPR analyses results in a scavenging constant of$33\pm 7\ M^{-1}$. The simple radical anion produced on electron attachment by indole possesses absorption maxima at 360 ($\epsilon _{360}=4.1\times 10^{3}\ M^{-1}\ {\rm cm}^{-1}$) near 700, 1000, and 1200-1500 nm, and a simple EPR spectrum consisting of a singlet at g = 2.002 and a linewidth of less than 20 gauss.

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