Solid samples of hydrated and anhydrous oxalic acid were irradiated with doses of 1-200 Mrad of gamma radiation. The$G({\rm CO}_{2})$ values, 7.4 and 4.7, respectively, for${\rm H}_{2}{\rm C}_{2}{\rm O}_{4}$ and${\rm H}_{2}{\rm C}_{2}{\rm O}_{4}\cdot 2{\rm H}_{2}{\rm O}$ were determined via gas chromatography after acid dissolution of the samples. Carbon dioxide and water were determined to be the major decomposition products of radiolysis. The$G({\rm CO}_{2})$ value for${\rm Li}_{2}{\rm C}_{2}{\rm O}_{4}$ is 0.16, for${\rm Na}_{2}{\rm C}_{2}{\rm O}_{4}$ it is 0.06, and for${\rm K}_{2}{\rm C}_{2}{\rm O}_{4}\cdot {\rm H}_{2}{\rm O}$ it is 0.82. In each case only a slight deviation from linearity is noted in the dose-dependent curves.

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