RFMf/Wg mice ovariectomized at 3-4 weeks of age had overall survival rates no different from those of intact controls. When two separate groups were ovariectomized at 3-4 weeks and irradiated (300 R) at 5-6 weeks, no difference could be observed as a function of ovariectomy; but there was a highly significant effect of irradiation. While the effect of ovariectomy alone or in combination with radiation had little effect on overall mortality rate, significant effects (both positive and negative) were observed on specific spontaneous and radiogenic diseases. Ovariectomy apparently reduced the incidence of nonthymic lymphosarcoma and pituitary adenoma, and increased the incidence of pulmonary adenoma. There was also a suggestion of increased risk of harderian adenoma and adrenocortical adenoma in the ovariectomized groups. Ovariectomy interacted significantly with radiation in two instances, nullifying the effect of radiation on the incidence of septic metritis and severe glomerulosclerosis.

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