The distribution of <tex-math>${}^{3}{\rm H}\text{-activity}$</tex-math> among blood plasma, lung, spleen, liver and gut as well as among nuclear, mitochondrial, microsomal, and soluble fractions of the liver has been measured at 48 hr following intraperitoneal injection of 10 μCi of <tex-math>$[{}^{3}{\rm H}]d\text{-}\alpha \text{-tocopherol}$</tex-math>. Lung and spleen were the most highly labeled tissues and nuclei, mitochondria and microsomes were more highly labeled than the soluble supernatant. Immediately following exposure to 500 R of 260 kVp X-radiation, the specific activity of plasma, lung, and spleen were significantly reduced. In addition, liver nuclear fraction was also reduced. The distribution of label administered 24 hr postirradiation was significantly altered, insofar as increased label was detected in gut and liver. In liver, microsomal, and soluble supernatant fractions were also greatly increased.

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