The four isomeric monobutylbenzenes have been γ-irradiated and the gases produced have been analyzed by gas chromatography. The most abundant gaseous product is hydrogen. The relative yields of hydrogen indicate a relationship to the number of benzylic hydrogens in the starting butylbenzene. The most abundant gaseous hydrocarbon products are <tex-math>${\rm C}_{3}\text{'}{\rm s}$</tex-math> for n-butylbenzene, C1 and <tex-math>${\rm C}_{2}\text{'}{\rm s}$</tex-math> for sec-butylbenzene, <tex-math>${\rm C}_{3}\text{'}{\rm s}$</tex-math> and C1 for iso-butylbenzene, and C1 for tert-butylbenzene. The gaseous products indicate that reactions forming benzylic intermediates predominate.

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