Proton minibeam radiation therapy (pMBRT) is a new approach in proton radiotherapy, by which a significant increase in the therapeutic index has already been demonstrated in RG2 glioma-bearing rats. In the current study we investigated the response of other types of glioma (F98) and performed a comparative evaluation of tumor control effectiveness by pMBRT (with different levels of dose heterogeneity) versus conventional protons. The results of our study showed an equivalent increase in the lifespan for all evaluated groups (conventional proton irradiation and pMBRT) and no significant differences in the histopathological analysis of the tumors or remaining brain tissue. The reduced long-term toxicity observed with pMBRT in previous evaluations at the same dose suggests a possible use of pMBRT to treat glioma with less side effects while ensuring the same tumor control achieved with standard proton therapy.

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