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Current Issue
Volume 57,
Issue 1
March 2023

Editor in Chief

Cheryl R. Dykstra

ISSN: 0892-1016
eISSN: 2162-4569

Ranking: 10/29 Ornithology

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About this Journal

The Journal of Raptor Research (JRR) is an international scientific journal dedicated entirely to the dissemination of information about birds of prey. Established in 1967, JRR has published peer-reviewed research on raptor ecology, behavior, life history, conservation, and techniques. JRR is available quarterly to members in electronic and paper format.

Latest Articles

Genetic Analysis of Golden Eagles (Aquila chrysaetos) from the Mongol-Altai: A Hotspot of Diversity and Implications for Global Phylogeography
The World's Most Imperiled Raptors Present Substantial Conservation Challenges
Sibling Aggression, Feeding Rates, and Hatch Rank of Nestling Red-shouldered Hawks (Buteolineatus)
First Biochemical Comparison Between Saker Falcon Subspecies Falco cherrug cherrug and Falco cherrugmilvipes

Coming soon: Special issue on American Kestrels

Why are populations of this once-common falcon still declining? Read the Early Online articles here and the full issue in June.

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