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Issue Cover
Current Issue
Volume 57,
Issue 3
September 2023

Editor in Chief

Cheryl R. Dykstra

ISSN: 0892-1016
eISSN: 2162-4569

Ranking: 7/29 Ornithology

Impact Factor

About this Journal

The Journal of Raptor Research (JRR) is an international scientific journal dedicated entirely to the dissemination of information about birds of prey. Established in 1967, JRR has published peer-reviewed research on raptor ecology, behavior, life history, conservation, and techniques. JRR is available quarterly to members in electronic and paper format.

Latest Articles

American Kestrels Compete with European Starlings over Nest Boxes in Eastern Pennsylvania
High-resolution GPS Tracking of American Kestrels Reveals Breeding and Post-breeding Ranging Behavior in Northern Virginia, USA
Integrated Approach Improves Monitoring of Wintering Red Kites in Central Europe
Abundance and Breeding Ecology of Critically Endangered Vultures in Mole National Park, Ghana

JRR’s Journal Impact Factor Soars

We are pleased to announce that JRR's journal impact factor has increased significantly to 1.7, with a rank of 7 of 29 in Ornithology (Quartile 1). A special thanks to all our Associate Editors, reviewers, and authors.

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