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Current Issue
Volume 97,
Issue 2
1 April 2024


Christopher G. Robertson, Polymer Technology Services LLC

ISSN: 0035-9475
eISSN: 1943-4804
Impact Factor: 2.081

About this Journal

Rubber Chemistry and Technology is the premier journal for the science and technology of rubber and related elastomeric materials. Read More

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Open Access

Rubber Chemistry and Technology now offers an Open Access publishing option. When you choose to make your article open access, Rubber Division, ACS enables unrestricted access via the journal website to the final published article, the Version of Record, for a one-time fixed payment.

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Subscriptions available for Companies, Libraries and Individual Users. Pricing options include Online, Print Delivery, or Bundled access. All online subscribers enjoy access to the complete backfile during the term of active subscription. Contact [email protected] for enquiries.

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Permission to reproduce content from Rubber Chemistry & Technology articles, or to reprint your article in another publication, must be granted by Rubber Division, ACS. Fill out the online Request Form.

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