Specimens of polychloroprene and light-treated polychloroprene have been examined by x-ray methods. There is evidently no change in the crystalline structure of the two substances, although there are differences in physical properties which are ascribed to cross-linking of the long polychloroprene chains. This conclusion is confirmed by the x-ray work. The unit cell of polychloroprene is probably orthorhombic, with dimensions a=8.90 A.U.⁠, b=4.70 A.U.⁠, c=12.21 A.U. From the experimentally determined density of 1.086 g. per cc, it is deduced that there are four chloroprene units in the cell. The x-ray density (for the stretched material) is 1.14 g. per cc. The long chains lie parallel to the b-axis (the direction of stretching), and four of these chains pass through the unit cell. It is concluded, from the identity period, that the chain is not planar and a possible spatial configuration is given.

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