Measurements of specific heat were made on a sample of Hycar-OR synthetic rubber from 15° to 340° K by means of an adiabatic vacuum-type calorimeter. The experimental values of the specific heat between 15° and 22° K were well represented by the Debye specific-heat equation, using a βν value of 80 and, accordingly, the values below 15° K were calculated with this equation. At about 250° K the material has a transition of the second order, the specific heat increasing by about 40 per cent to a value of 1.84 Int. joules · gram−1 · degree−1 just above the transition. From 250° to 340° K the specific heat-temperature curve is nearly linear, and the values can be calculated to within 0.2 per cent from the formula Cp=0.00283T+1.126⁠, in Int. joules · gram−1 · degree−1. At 298.16° K (25° C) the specific heat is 1.971 Int. joules · gram−1 · degree−1 (0.4712 calories · gram−1 · degree−1). The increase in entropy resulting from heating from 0° to 298.16° K was calculated to be 1.743 ± 0.002 Int. joules · gram−1 · degree−1 (0.4167 ± 0.0005 calories · gram−1 · degree−1).

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