In connection with a study of various kinds of vulcanized rubber, including rubber films from vulcanized latex and latex films vulcanized in the dry state, it seemed desirable to investigate the packing of the latex particles. To what extent, for example, are these still present or are they coalesced? It is known that the diffusion of water vapor through solid substances may give an indication of the internal structure of matter. With this in mind, a search was made for a simple method to determine the diffusion of water vapor through rubber; high accuracy was not required so much as were simplicity and adaptability to a long series of experiments. Such a procedure was found in the method described by Hoekstra for determining the permeability of varnish films to water vapor. A detailed description of the method is given later in this paper. More accurate methods of determination, applied to rubber, have previously been described by others, but these procedures are less suitable for systematic tests.

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