The viscoelastic and dielectric properties of nano structured layered silicates reinforced natural rubber (NR), carboxylated styrene butadiene rubber (XSBR) and their blends have been analyzed. The viscoelastic properties such as storage modulus, loss modulus, damping behavior and glass transition temperature of nano filled latices have been investigated. Upon the addition of filler, the storage modulus of nanocomposites was found to increase due to the enhancement in stiffness of the material. Due to the restricted mobility of polymer chain segments, the damping values decreased as a function of filler loading. An investigation of the viscoelastic properties revealed that there was a strong interaction between the polymer and the filler. Latex nanocomposites was characterized by X-ray diffraction technique. The enhanced d values indicated the intercalation of polymer chain into the layers of silicates. The dielectric properties of nanocomposites have been investigated as a function of frequency in the range of 50Hz–100KHz. The effect of frequency on dielectric permittivity (Ε′), dielectric loss (Ε″), dissipation factor (tan δ) and volume resistivity (⁠ρv) of latex nanocomposite have been measured under alternating current. The dielectric permittivity of the samples was found to be higher upon the incorporation of nano fillers. The volume resistivity decreased due to the enhanced conductivity of filled samples.

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