A natural waste (gum) of the drumstick tree, Moringa oleifera, was used for the first time as a sustainable multifunctional additive in an SBR compound. Improved cure rate with lower optimum cure time was obtained by using the gum as an accelerator activator. Tack strength of the M. oleifera gum–SBR compound was superior to both the control and the compound containing commercial phenol–formaldehyde resin at 5 parts per hundred of rubber loading. At different loadings, the gum acted as a plasticizer for the rubber and augmented processing by reducing the viscosity of the compound. The glass transition temperature of the compounds decreased by 2 °C compared with the pristine SBR. Moringa oleifera gum at any loading reduced the die swell of SBR. This study has relevance because the rubber industry is looking for feasible sustainable additives as alternatives to existing petroleum-based compounding ingredients.

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