Xanthate is a class of non-toxic, rapid, and eco-friendly rubber vulcanization accelerator, but it is seldom used in the rubber industry because of its poor thermostability and ease of decomposition. To overcome these drawbacks, silica supported sodium isobutyl xanthate (silica-s-SIBX) was prepared by chemically bonding SIBX onto the silica surface. After loading, the initial degradation temperature (T0), maximum degradation temperature (Tp), and final decomposition temperature (Tf) of silica-s-SIBX were increased by 85.8, 118.9, and 146.9 °C, respectively. Meanwhile, silica-s-SIBX could not only improve the dispersion of fillers in the rubber but also enhance the interfacial interaction between silica and the rubber matrix. Therefore, it may offer new scientific and technological opportunities for preparation of green additives in the rubber industry.

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