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Advancing Knowledge
and Innovation in Rubber Chemistry

Rubber Chemistry & Technology is the official science publication of the Rubber Division, ACS an independent division of the American Chemical Society. We are the premier scientific journal for the science and technology of rubber and elastomeric materials.

Our Mission

It is our goal to make available important work from across the international scientific community. We welcome previously unpublished papers describing fundamental research and technical developments relating to chemistry, chemical engineering, materials science or characterization of rubber and allied substances.



Christopher G. Robertson
Polymer Technology Services LLC


Anil Bhowmick
University of Houston

James Busfield
Queen Mary University of London

Katrina Cornish
The Ohio State University

Amit Das
Leibniz Institute for Polymer Research Dresden e.V.

Maria D. Ellul
ExxonMobil Chemical Co. (Retired)

Maurizio Galimberti
Politecnico de Milano

Li Jia
University of Akron

Will Mars
Endurica LLC

Jose Miguel Martin-Martinez
University of Alicante

Jacques W. M. Noordermeer
University of Twente

Richard Pazur
Department of National Defence (Canada)

Kannika Sahakaro
Prince of Songkla University, Thailand

Anne Ladegaard Skov
Technical University of Denmark (DTU)

Liqun Zhang
Beijing University of Chemical Technology

RC&T Mailing Schedule

Issue 1 end of March
Issue 2 end of June
Issue 3 end of September
Issue 4 end of December

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