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Information for Authors

Rhodora is a journal devoted primarily to the flora of North America (including algae and fungi), focusing on the systematics, floristics, ecology, evolution, biogeography, population genetics, paleobotany, and conservation biology of this or floristically related regions. It has been in publication continuously since 1899. This peer-reviewed quarterly typically comprises 400-500 pages per year. Members of the New England Botanical Club receive the journal with their annual membership. Rhodora publishes full-length manuscripts on original research, Featured Reviews, New England Notes (five pages or less) covering research relevant to the New England flora, and Botanists’ Corner, featuring brief communications of field and other discoveries of interest to the botanical community. The journal also announces and reviews new books. Historical portraits of botanists and In Memoriam pieces remembering the accomplishments of botanists also occasionally appear. Proposals for other types of papers and topics should be made to the Editor-in-Chief prior to submitting a manuscript.

Membership in the New England Botanical Club is not a prerequisite for submission.

Click here for submission guidelines.

Publication Charges

  • Page charges – There are no page charges for Rhodora.
  • Open access - Charges to make articles open access are $1000.00. Journal articles are posted at Rhodora Online ( and BioOne (
  • Color charges - Color figures cost $375.00/printed page, which must be paid in full before a paper can be scheduled for publication. Authors may opt to have figures printed in black and white but produced in color online. If the author elects to have online color figures, the author will be charged $75.00 per figure.
  • Correction charges – Authors are allowed to make up to five corrections in their page proofs. If authors make more than five corrections, they will be charged $5.00 per correction.

Order forms for reprints will be emailed to the corresponding author shortly before publication of the paper.

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