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This paper outlines the problems associated with keeping dingoes as pets, and describes the lobbying efforts undertaken by the Australian Dingo Conservation Association (ADCA) to address the noxious status of the dingo and recent legislative changes that allow dingoes to be kept as pets in New South Wales. It also describes the efforts that have been made to conserve the dingo and to highlight the threat of hybridisation that is swamping the gene pool of dingo populations across Australia. There are four problems associated with the management of dingoes in the wild and in captivity under the new legislation. This paper outlines the problems and offers some solutions for the future of the dingo, and describes some of the very valuable work which has been done by dingo conservation groups. It is vitally important that any remnant wild populations are maintained and captive breeding programs are continued to deliver a positive outcome for the future of the dingo.

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