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In May 2001 the Grey-headed Flying-fox was listed on Schedule 2 of the Threatened Species Conservation (TSC) Act. The NSW National Parks & Wildlife Service (NPWS) now has a regulatory role in the protection of the ‘camps’, or roosting colonies, of this species wherever they may occur in NSW. Camps can be locally contentious, particularly in the Coffs Harbour area where four camps are found adjoining urban areas.

The approach taken in this region in relation to the management of the camps has been pro-active and consultative. In essence there exist 5 main options for addressing community concern about Grey-headed Flying-fox camps. These options can be summarised as ‘do nothing’, ‘engage and discuss’, ‘modify habitat’, ‘attempt relocation’ or ‘cull’. By adopting the ‘engage and discuss’ approach public concern regarding the presence of this species in urban areas has been significantly alleviated. The adoption of this option then puts in place a sound foundation for information gathering and the development of site planning with appropriate community involvement.

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