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A bright green, socially just, high economic growth scenario is one of a number that are being developed to illustrate how forestry might be pursued within the context of ecologically sustainable development. The directions described in this scenario are hypothetical and are intended to provoke vigorous discussion. The scenario is a future history; that is, it is written from a perspective of 10 years hence. Plausible changes that could lead to the hypothetical future are described. The objectives of the scenario, which are described in some detail, set the direction for what follows. The first subject considered is an approach to the management of forests, an d ecological limits on supply are set first. Then attention shifts to the demand side, and options for changing the character and dimensions of demand for timber products are spelled out. The outer limits of both the supply and demand sides of the equation are specified. The sections that follow show the dynamic changes that could occur in the industry within this framework to achieve society’s ecological, social and economic objectives, without the necessity for major trade-offs.

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