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Lowland native grassland s in southeastern Australia have been modified extensively by human activities since European settlement. Remaining sites are now fragmented, small in extent and most are threatened by urban expansion and farming practices. Recent surveys in the Australian Capital Territory and the Monaro region of New South Wales have detected the presence of a distinctive grassland reptile fauna which includes two nationally vulnerable species; the Striped Legless Lizard Delma impar and the Eastern Lined Earless Dragon Tympanocryptis lineata pinguicolla. These reptiles are now highly restricted in their distribution. Delma impar was found at 20 out of 49 grassland sites surveyed by pitfall trapping in the ACT, whereas T. I. pinguicolla was found at only four of these sites. Delma impar was not found at any of the 12 sites sampled by area-constrained hand-searches in the Monaro, but T. I. pinguicolla was recorded at three of the Monaro sites. No sites supporting threatened reptiles occur within reserves in this region and conservation measures are urgently required to ensure the long-term viability of the grasslands and their reptile communities.

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