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Journal Articles
Australian Zoologist (2020) 40 (4): 565–574.
Published: 01 June 2020
...Chris N. Thomson ABSTRACT Long-term monitoring of the Masked Owl Tyto novaehollandiae in a semi-urban landscape before, during and after large-scale habitat removal identified a positive response in breeding activity in the short-term and a change in prey selectivity. Over the longer term, the loss...
Journal Articles
Australian Zoologist (2018) 39 (3): 449–463.
Published: 01 September 2018
...Michael K. Todd; Rodney P. Kavanagh; Phil Bell; Sarah A. Munks ABSTRACT An understanding of the calling behaviour of nocturnal birds is critically important for their detection. The Australian Masked Owl ( Tyto novaehollandiae ) is most commonly located by call playback surveys that prompt calling...
Journal Articles
Australian Zoologist (2019) 40 (1): 75–91.
Published: 01 January 2019
...David Milledge; Hank Bower; Nicholas Carlile ABSTRACT The Masked Owl Tyto novaehollandiae was introduced to Lord Howe Island in the 1920s to control an irruption of the Black Rat Rattus rattus . The owl is a threatened species in New South Wales but is regarded as a pest on the island due...
Journal Articles
Australian Zoologist (2020) 41 (1): 139–142.
Published: 01 October 2020
...Rohan J. Bilney ABSTRACT A total of 783 dietary items from a Sooty Owl Tyto tenebricosa tenebricosa with suspected partial xanthochromism (yellow plumage colouration) was identified from Yarrangobilly Caves, NSW. Observations of the owl at the cave and collection of feathers suggest that prey items...
Journal Articles
Australian Zoologist (2014) 37 (2): 234–237.
Published: 28 October 2014
...Peter McDonald; Chris Pavey Populations of Australian desert rodents are known to undergo booms in response to resource pulses following periods of high rainfall. Australia's arid-adapted Tyto owls have been recorded responding functionally and numerically to these small mammal booms, though...
Journal Articles
Australian Zoologist (2014) 28 (1-4): 57–58.
Published: 17 March 2014
... AND BUNCK, C. M., 1991. Trends in North American small mammals found in Common Barn-owl (Tyto alba) dietary studies. Can. J. Zool. 69: 3093-102. Trends in North American small mammals found in Common Barn-owl (Tyto alba) dietary studies Can. J. Zool. 69 3093 102 ELLIS, M., WILSON, P...
Journal Articles
Australian Zoologist (2011) 34 (1): 78–84.
Published: 04 October 2011
.... strenua or the Masked Owl Tyto novaehollandiae were obtained. Four other nocturnal bird species were recorded during the surveys: Southern Boobook N. novaeseelandiae (n = 74), Barn Owl T. alba (n = 61), Australian Owlet-nightjar Aegotheles cristatus (n = 46) and Tawny Frogmouth Podargus strigoides (n = 8...
Journal Articles
Australian Zoologist (2014) 27 (1-2): 36–37.
Published: 17 March 2014
...: a reappraisal Aust. Mammal. 8 159 69 SEEBECK, J., BROWN, P. R., WALLIS, R. L. AND KEMPER, C. M., 1990. Bandicoots and Bilblies. Australian Mammal Society and Surrey Beatty & Sons: Sydney. Bandicoots and Bilblies SMITH, J. D. B. AND COLE, J., 1989. Diet of the barn owl, Tyto alba...
Book Chapter
Series: Other RZS NSW Publications
Publisher: Royal Zoological Society of New South Wales
Published: 01 January 2004
DOI: 10.7882/FS.2004.027
EISBN: 978-0-9586085-8-9
... The spatial patterns of Sooty Owl Tyto tenebricosa and Barking Owl Ninox connivens records, obtained from large owl surveys in the Victorian Central Highlands and the Pilliga Scrub in New South Wales respectively, allow the suggestion to be made that these species select territories...
Journal Articles
Australian Zoologist (2018) 39 (4): 713–723.
Published: 01 December 2018
... First Recorded by FATS Wallum Froglet Crinia tinnula Vulnerable Yes Stephens Banded Snake Hoplocephalus stephensii Vulnerable Yes Glossy Black-cockatoo Birds Calyptorhynchus lathami Vulnerable Yes Powerful Owl Ninox strenua Vulnerable No Osprey Pandion haliaetus Vulnerable No Masked Owl Tyto...
Journal Articles
Australian Zoologist (2021)
Published: 12 July 2021
... Common Common Unchanged Southern Boobook Ninox novaeseelandiae Rare Frequently heard Decreasing Sooty Owl Tyto tenebricosa Common Rare Unchanged Masked Owl Tyto novaehollandiae Rare Rare Unchanged Barn Owl Tyto alba Common Common Unchanged Tawny Frogmouth Podargus strigoides Uncommon Uncommon, woodlands...
Journal Articles
Australian Zoologist (2016) 38 (1): 52–58.
Published: 01 January 2016
... and diet of the Collared httpdx.doi.org/10.1111/j.1442-9993.1988.tb00992.x Sparrowhawk Accipiter cirrhocephalus in northern New South Kavanagh, R.P. 2002. Comparative diets of the Powerful Owl Wales. Australian Bird Watcher 15: 68-91 (Ninox strenua), Sooty Owl (Tyto tenebricosa) and Masked Owl Debus, S.J.S...
Journal Articles
Australian Zoologist (2015) 37 (3): 350–364.
Published: 14 April 2015
... guttata 25 25 o c B x oB h 2 Dollarbird Eurystomus orientalis o r B x 1 Double-banded Plover Charadrius bicinctus u 1 Double-barred Finch Taeniopygia bichenovii u c. B B 3 Dusky Moorhen Gallinula tenebrosa o.B u B Z x cB 3 Dusky Woodswallow Artamus cyanopterus 1 1 o u. B B Z oB x 1 Eastern Barn Owl Tyto...
Journal Articles
Australian Zoologist (2020) 41 (1): 54–57.
Published: 01 October 2020
... and strigid species including Barn Owl Tyto alba (258- 25 mm. Using these as scales we estimated the length of 470 g adult female), and Southern Boobook Owl (Ninox the python s head was about 67 mm. An examination of novaeseelandiae (194-285 g adult female) (Higgins 1999), photographs of the Carpet Python...
Journal Articles
Australian Zoologist (2014) 33 (1): 17–38.
Published: 17 March 2014
... a composite species list for White Mountains of 279 species, consisting of 187 birds, 9amphibians, 28 mammals and 45 reptiles (Appendix 1). Seventeen species were considered to be of conservation significance: Masked Owl Tyto novaehollandiae kimberli vulnerable (EPBC 1999) and (QNCA 1997); Squatter Pigeon...
Journal Articles
Australian Zoologist (2013) 36 (3): 364–372.
Published: 04 June 2013
... system generalists Tyto alba Barn Owl Veg Native vegetation generalist Tyto capensis Grass Owl Man Grassland birds Glossopsitta porphyrocephala Purple-crowned Lorikeet Man Mallee generalists Calyptorhynchus banksii Red-tailed Black-Cockatoo Veg Riparian seed-eating birds Cacatua galerita Sulphur-crested...
Journal Articles
Australian Zoologist (2012) 35 (4): 941–952.
Published: 29 January 2012
..., Sooty Owl Tyto tenebricosa, Glossy Black-Cockatoo Calyptorhynchus lathami, Cumberland Plain Land Snail Meridolum corneovirens, Koala Phascolarctos cinereus and the focus of this study, the Yellow-bellied Glider Petaurus australis. The Yellow-bellied Glider is a large (500-700 g) gliding possum...
Journal Articles
Australian Zoologist (2011) 34 (2): 133–147.
Published: 10 October 2011
.... These communities provide known habitat for several threatened species including the Wallum Froglet Crinia tinnula, Grass Owl Tyto capensis, Koala, Eastern Blossom-bat Syconycteris australis and the Yellow-bellied Sheathtail-bat Saccolaimus flaviventris, with the occurrence of the Wallum Froglet established...
Journal Articles
Australian Zoologist (2016) 38 (1): 43–51.
Published: 01 January 2016
... diets of the Powerful Owl (Ninox strenua), Sooty Owl (Tyto tenebricosa) and Masked Owl (Tyto novaehollandiae) in southeastern Australia. Pp. 175-191 in Ecology and Conservation of Owls, edited by I. Newton, R. Kavanagh, J. Olsen and I. Taylor. CSIRO Publishing, Melbourne. Kavanagh, R.P. 2004. Conserving...
Journal Articles
Australian Zoologist (2011) 35 (3): 655–678.
Published: 20 October 2011
... the retention of suitable rainforest habitat along both latitudinal and altitudinal gradients (Date et al. 1991). A suite of threatened species recorded within the study area (Glossy Black-cockatoo Calyptorhynchus lathami, Barking Owl Ninox connivens, Powerful Owl N. strenua, Sooty Owl Tyto tenebricosa...