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Series: Other RZS NSW Publications
Publisher: Royal Zoological Society of New South Wales
Published: 01 January 2007
EISBN: 978-0-9803272-1-2
... The tropical redclaw crayfish Cherax quadricarinatus is increasingly being reported as an aquatic pest in parts of the world where it has been introduced or translocated. In this paper, we briefly document the invasion of a stream system in New South Wales, Australia. We discuss possible...
Journal Articles
Australian Zoologist (2012) 35 (4): 1047–1052.
Published: 29 January 2012
... such as gonopodium length in the pest species Gambusia holbrooki as an indicator. This species was used as a surrogate for native aquatic species to assess endocrine disruption in wetlands that are used for the storage of stormwater or treated sewage effluent. These were compared with adjacent wetlands used...
Journal Articles
Australian Zoologist (2011) 35 (3): 822–825.
Published: 20 October 2011
... but increased number of the two native species. There was therefore no indication that the feral species was currently at a competitive advantage over the native species. Key words: aquatic vertebrate pest, urban wetlands, invasive aquatic species, Australian freshwater turtle, tortoise, Sydney Basin Turtle...
Journal Articles
Australian Zoologist (2019) 40 (1): 25–35.
Published: 01 January 2019
...Joy A. Becker; Michael P. Ward; Paul M. Hick ABSTRACT In Australia, the common carp ( Cyprinus carpio ) is a significant pest species because it dominates fish communities in numerous catchment areas. In 2016, Australia launched a national control plan based on the use of Cyprinid herpesvirus 3...
Journal Articles
Australian Zoologist (2020) 41 (1): 80–85.
Published: 01 October 2020
...J. K. Hanford; D. F. Hochuli; C. E. Webb ABSTRACT Urban freshwater wetlands have been identified as a potential source of mosquitoes of pest and public health concern in Australia. Mosquitoes most commonly associated with these habitats include Anopheles annulipes , Culex annulirostris , Culex...
Journal Articles
Australian Zoologist (2019) 40 (2): 314–325.
Published: 01 December 2019
...-aquatic urban locations in Queensland stemmed from owners releasing unwanted pets to avoid prosecution. Furthermore, it appears owners not wanting to inadvertently establish a population deliberately release sliders in situations where they would almost certainly be found and collected such as on school...
Journal Articles
Australian Zoologist (2014) 33 (2): 194–209.
Published: 17 March 2014
...David Llewellyn In order to ascertain whether introduced weeds have an effect on naturally occurring aquatic fauna, this study assesses the toxicity of 3 introduced weeds that occur along the banks of rivers and ponds in New South Wales, on 4 aquatic invertebrates. Damsel Fly nymphs, Mud Eyes...
Journal Articles
Australian Zoologist (2024) 43 (3): 443–454.
Published: 22 February 2024
... or Australia s pest turtle? Pp. 1 7 in Pest or Guest: The Zoology of Overabundance, edited by D. Lunney, P. Eby, P. Hutchings and S. Burgin. Royal Zoological Society of New South Wales, Mosman, NSW. httpsdoi.org/10.7882/FS.2007.033 Burgin, S., Franklin, M.J.M. and Hull, L. 2016. Wetland loss in the transition...
Journal Articles
Australian Zoologist (2014) 30 (2): 143–149.
Published: 17 March 2014
...L. A. Morgan; W. A. Buttemer Gambusia holbrooki, the “Mosquito Fish” introduced to Australian waterways from North America to control mosquito larvae, is widely distributed and abundant in both disturbed and undisturbed aquatic environments. Because it has become established in areas where Litoria...
Journal Articles
Australian Zoologist (2014) 30 (3): 316–324.
Published: 17 March 2014
... a negative relationship between density of G. holbrooki and the abundance of frogs. A positive relationship between the abundance of tree frog species and the cover of aquatic vegetation was also found. While this study did not investigate other factors contributing to declining frog populations, the results...
Journal Articles
Australian Zoologist (2014) 33 (3): 379–384.
Published: 17 March 2014
..., Chelodina longicollis and Emydura macquarii dharuk . Trachemys scripta elegans Emydura macquarii dharuk Chelodina longicollis freshwater turtles invasive species pest turtles Alderton, D. 1986. A petkeeper's guide to reptiles and amphibians. Salamander Books Ltd, London...
Journal Articles
Australian Zoologist (2012) 36 (1): 1–4.
Published: 07 September 2012
... Jr J. D., McCracken G. F., Medellín R. A., Moreno-Valdez A., Sansone C. G., Westbrook J. K. and Kunz T. H. 2006. Economic value of the pest control service provided by Brazilian free-tailed bats in south-central Texas. Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment 4: 238-43. Economic value of the pest...
Journal Articles
Journal Articles
Australian Zoologist (2020) 41 (3): 408–416.
Published: 16 October 2020
... Society of New South Wales 2021 There is no Dingo dilemma: legislation facilitates culling, containment and conservation of Dingoes in New South Wales Peter J. S. Fleming1,2,3, Guy Ballard2,4 and Nathan Cutter5 1 Vertebrate Pest Research Unit, NSW Department of Primary Industries, Orange, New South...
Journal Articles
Australian Zoologist (2016) 38 (2): 161–170.
Published: 01 January 2016
...Nicole Hansen; Kirsten Crosby The endangered Booroolong Frog Litoria booroolongensis has undergone dramatic declines over the majority of its range, which have largely been attributed to extensive clearing and ongoing modification associated with agricultural practices, disease and introduced pests...
Journal Articles
Australian Zoologist (2011) 35 (1): 96–99.
Published: 04 October 2011
.... Sampling of Newly-Settled Snapper, Pagrus auratus, and Identification of Preferred Habitats in Port Phillip Bay - A Pilot Study Hayes, K., Sliwa, C., Migus, S., McEnnulty, F. and Dunstan, P 2005. National priority pests - Part II. Ranking of Australian Marine Pests. Department of Environment...
Journal Articles
Australian Zoologist (2012) 35 (4): 1024–1032.
Published: 29 January 2012
... of gambusia on native fish populations appeared, and these were quickly followed by reports of impacts on other organisms, such as frogs. Gambusia was always likely to become an environmental pest species once introduced into Australia. The need to control mosquitoes and mosquito-borne diseases during...
Journal Articles
Australian Zoologist (2022) 42 (3): 1–847.
Published: 22 November 2022
... *Corresponding author: Email - Graham.Pyke@mq.edu.au As amphibians have declined more than other vertebrates and are important environmental bioindicators for aquatic ecosystems, we must understand how attributes of such ecosystems affect individual frogs, populations, and multi-species communities. For aquatic...
Journal Articles
Australian Zoologist (2023) 43 (2): 276–280.
Published: 02 October 2023
... the predator species. InP roceedings of the Vertebrate Pest Conference( Vol. 24, No. 24). httpsdoi.org/10.5070/V424110381 Colman, N.J. 2015. Morphological variation and ecological interactions of Australia s apex predator-the dingo (Canis dingo) (Doctoral dissertation, University of Western Sydney, Hawkesbury...
Journal Articles
Australian Zoologist (2017) 39 (1): 85–102.
Published: 01 December 2017
... Banteng Bos javanicus Mammalia 1 Donkey Equus asinus Mammalia 1 Human Homo sapiens Mammalia 1 Horse Equus caballus Mammalia 1 Mouse Mus musculus Mammalia 1 Reindeer Rangifer tarandus Mammalia 1 Pigeon Columbia livia Aves 1 butterfly Insecta 1 counterparts Other 1 gone Other 1 look Other 1 pest...