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Series: Other RZS NSW Publications
Publisher: Royal Zoological Society of New South Wales
Published: 01 January 2012
EISBN: 978-0-9803272-8-1
... it as a jigsaw puzzle: a scientific jigsaw puzzle where we divide $1300 billion into pieces worth $3 million would have 433,333 pieces. On the 28 th of November 2008 the number of pieces increased to 700,000 when the US Government contributed another $800 billion towards solving the financial crisis...
Journal Articles
Australian Zoologist (2018) 39 (4): 658–668.
Published: 01 December 2018
... ecology, rather each captures a different piece of the puzzle and, most importantly, each can be applied over long periods of time. monitoring banding population dynamics acoustic detectors thermal imaging 658 2018 Australian Zoologist volume 39 (4) Theme Edition: The critical value of long-term...
Journal Articles
Australian Zoologist (2020) 41 (3): 568–579.
Published: 11 August 2020
... dingoes at the DDC. 1) Transparent puzzle box, lever not needed to obtain treat. 2) Non-transparent puzzle box, lever not needed to obtain treat. 3) Transparent puzzle box, lever needed to obtain treat. Findings Dingoes passed 6/9 human social cues. Dingo performance was more akin to wolves than dogs...
Journal Articles
Australian Zoologist (2023) 43 (1): 67–78.
Published: 24 February 2023
... the obvious similarities between the two genera. Devriesetettix, known from a single specimen from Dorey, West Papua (Tumbrinck 2014a), could prove an important piece of the puzzle in elucidating the biogeography of Australia, New Guinea, and SE Asia. Rehn (1952) expressed the opinion that Pseudohyboella...
Journal Articles
Journal Articles
Australian Zoologist (2024)
Published: 24 January 2024
... Cheloniidae). The inclusion of a flyingfox species within this series encourages observers to perceive flying-foxes in the same manner as charismatic species. Likewise, biodiversity-themed jigsaw puzzles that depict flying-foxes alongside other native wildlife in natural habitats promote similar associations...
Journal Articles
Australian Zoologist (2018) 39 (3): 535–558.
Published: 01 September 2018
... able to incorporate both of these into a digestible format for anyone to read. The magazine has something for each of its subscribers, including crossword puzzles, fun competitions like Flockwiz, a regular update on the state of our birds, detailed first encounters where people write about their first...
Journal Articles
Australian Zoologist (2014) 36 (4): 478–493.
Published: 28 January 2014
..., Abbotsleigh Junior School Young Naturalist Topsy-turvy World: How Australian Animals Puzzled Early Explorers by Kirsty Murray, National Library of Australia Publishing, October 2012, ISBN Explorers Guide Exploring Tidal Waters on Australia s Temperate Coast by Phil Colman and Peter 1MXGLIPPVSYRHXVYXL...
Journal Articles
Australian Zoologist (2020) 41 (2): 214–219.
Published: 11 November 2020
... effects (death due to lethal toxic ingestion) and positive indirect effects (enhanced prey resources, reduced predation pressure). Our observations and surveys provide additional information to help clarify 214 AuZstoraolilaongist volume 41 (2) 2021 Cane toad impact on snakes this puzzling case...
Journal Articles
Australian Zoologist (2019) 40 (2): 290–307.
Published: 01 December 2019
... pattern: living in grassland habitat and terrestrial locomotion. Both associations are consistent with the background matching hypothesis, Stripe pattern variation in the coat of the Thylacine (Thylacinus cynocephalus) 2019 295 Australian Zoologist volume 40 (2) however, it is puzzling that no other...
Journal Articles
Australian Zoologist (2017) 38 (4): 590–609.
Published: 01 September 2017
... (yes, it is a big book), and there it is between Edwards and Eisenberg. I did check with Lily van Eeden today, and she confirmed that she places her name in the v section of references. That little puzzle allowed me to look at the scale of the book it is vast. This book is a landmark, it serves us...
Journal Articles
Australian Zoologist (2004) 32 (4): 505–507.
Published: 01 December 2004
... is ever going to add them to a database of biodiversity, global or otherwise. They are the missing branches in cladograms, the missing bits of codes in genetic libraries and the missing pieces in biogeographical jigsaw puzzles. Much of what we think of today as fauna conservation is aimed at preventing...
Journal Articles
Australian Zoologist (2014) 31 (4): 529–532.
Published: 17 March 2014
... aurea down to the last detail of its zoological life and, in doing so, leave us puzzled as to why this common and widespread species suddenly slid into the NSW endangered species list. Contrast this with Lemckert s study into the calling behaviour of another frog that remains a common and successful...
Journal Articles
Australian Zoologist (2020) 41 (1): 94–101.
Published: 01 October 2020
... in the water of the and how the context of an encounter affects the outcome. lake, rendering them vulnerable to foraging crocodiles. Although our observations are preliminary, they suggest The position usually adopted by these toads (facing at least one plausible answer to the puzzling variation...
Journal Articles
Australian Zoologist (2014) 32 (3): 420–430.
Published: 17 March 2014
... puzzle. Trends in Ecology & Evolution 12: 235-239. Why are organisms usually bigger in colder environments? Making sense of a life history puzzle Trends in Ecology & Evolution 12 235 239 Atkinson, I.A.E. 2001. Introduced mammals and models for restoration. Biological Conservation 99...
Journal Articles
Australian Zoologist (2019) 40 (1): 151–157.
Published: 01 January 2019
... or illness. The issue that philosophers are concerned with is perhaps best understood as seeking answers to a question such as, If you were to die painlessly in your sleep tonight, in what sense can we say that you have been harmed by death (Nagel 1979)? This question is intuitively puzzling. After all...
Journal Articles
Australian Zoologist (2018) 39 (4): 724–732.
Published: 01 December 2018
...). More puzzling has been to explain why the reproductive rate of hares declines after the cyclic peak and remains low for several years. We initially thought this was due to food shortage, as postulated by Cary and Keith (1979), but feeding experiments showed that food shortage was not the direct cause...
Journal Articles
Australian Zoologist (2018) 39 (4): 559–567.
Published: 01 December 2018
... has led to major advances in the study of bats, more so than for many other taxa, although no single technique provides all the answers to bat ecology, rather each captures a different piece of the puzzle and, most importantly, each can be applied over long periods of time. Tellingly, Law firmly...
Journal Articles
Australian Zoologist (2011) 35 (2): 128–145.
Published: 14 October 2011
... to the sea. The results showed that even the small crocs can maintain their osmotic homeostasis in salt water. This posed a puzzle that we came back to later on. Crocodiles commonly build riverside nests and many are lost through flooding. Here Peter Harlow regards the tip of a nest flooded beside...
Journal Articles
Australian Zoologist (2014) 29 (3-4): 217–223.
Published: 17 March 2014
... of reasoning can be quite puzzling, as if the consultant is bending over backwards to cast the proposal in the most favourable light; this contrasts with the more cautious and even sceptical tone adopted in scientific papers (which have already survived the normal scientific peer review). Without routine...