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Journal Articles
Australian Zoologist (2018) 39 (3): 520–533.
Published: 01 September 2018
... counts. The population of eastern grey kangaroos at the developed site had a higher density, spent more time in larger groups, and had an earlier peak activity time than those at the natural site. More vigilance and less feeding were observed at the developed site. A positive relationship between...
Journal Articles
Australian Zoologist (2021) 42 (1): 56–70.
Published: 19 July 2021
... that the response of the virtual fence to headlights was affected by road curvature and we identified inconsistencies in the timing and pattern of activation in response to traffic. Behavioural observations showed a significant increase in kangaroo vigilance in response to the acoustic signal of the fence when...
Journal Articles
Australian Zoologist (2017) 38 (3): 408–413.
Published: 01 June 2017
... to be vigilant with citation practices to ensure accuracy in reporting of scientific outcomes and we propose an approach to help ensure accuracy in citations. © 2017 Royal Zoological Society of New South Wales 2017 Citation unreliable inaccurate incorrect publication exotic black rat Rattus...
Journal Articles
Australian Zoologist (2014) 33 (4): 530–561.
Published: 17 March 2014
... cats. Impacts of these declines on ecosystem processes were likely to have been profound. The applicability of the conceptual model developed is discussed in relation to the early decline of some mammal species in eastern Australia, The need for ongoing, vigilant quarantine to minimise the risk...
Journal Articles
Australian Zoologist (2011) 35 (3): 810–821.
Published: 20 October 2011
... to potentially decrease reproductive success. Nest density was positively correlated with distance from the boardwalk. Gulls nesting ≤5 m from the boardwalk were more vigilant towards a stationary investigator than those further away. Tourists walking past breeding gulls stimulated a large increase in intra...
Journal Articles
Australian Zoologist (2022) 42 (1): fmii–fmiclxvii.
Published: 03 March 2022
..., researchers, communities and government agencies (Gruas et al. 2020; Marion et al. 2020). Disturbance of animals is often considered as any human activity that alters their behaviour or physiology. Disturbance may impact animals at an individual level from energy expenditure from increased vigilance...
Journal Articles
Australian Zoologist (2020) 41 (3): 568–579.
Published: 11 August 2020
... and the behavioural signal barkhowls represent in dingoes. To further investigate the function of barkhowls in dingoes. Aspects studied included behavioural responses to level of familiarity, attention levels and vigilance behaviours. Dingo bark-howl recordings were collected from two sanctuaries, including...
Journal Articles
Australian Zoologist (2014) 37 (1): 126.
Published: 02 June 2014
... imperative override scientific warnings? Turvey s chilling rare and heavily praised, while many more attempts were conclusion is that it could. We all have a duty to remain complete failures. Few were perceived as disastrous, and vigilant. these mostly occurred on islands so their devastating impact...
Journal Articles
Australian Zoologist (2021) 42 (1): 1–29.
Published: 07 July 2021
.... Disturbance may impact animals at an individual level from energy expenditure from increased vigilance and fleeing responses (Houston et al. 2012), associated effects 2022 AuZstoraolilaongist volume 42 (1) 1 Mo & Bonatakis on fitness and body condition (Creel et al. 2002), and influences on survival...
Journal Articles
Australian Zoologist (2021) 41 (3): 433–451.
Published: 13 April 2021
..., S., Sand, H. 2014. Feeding under high risk of intraguild predation: vigilance patterns of two medium-sized generalist predators. Journal of Mammalogy 95: 862-870. httpsdoi.org/10.1644/13-mamm-a-125 448 AuZstoraolilaongist volume 41 (3) 2021 APPENDIX 1 Dingoes dining with death A1. In most cases...
Journal Articles
Australian Zoologist (2014) 31 (1): 1–2.
Published: 17 March 2014
... vigilant, especially with the cover. An error also occurred in "Is the biodiversity tail wagging the zoological dog?" In the plenary discussion section at the end of the symposium, certain verbal exchanges on page 70 were attributed to Peter Prineas which were not his, and we would like to extend...
Journal Articles
Australian Zoologist (2020) 41 (2): 179–185.
Published: 30 September 2020
.... Treves, A. 2000. Theory and method in studies of vigilance and aggregation. Animal Behaviour 60: 711-722. Turner, G. (2001). Aggregations and basking in gravid female Little Whip Snakes Suta flagellum (Elapidae). Herpetofauna Sydney 31(1): 37-47. Turner, G. S. (2014). Burrow-use by herpetofauna...
Journal Articles
Australian Zoologist (2017) 38 (4): 505–517.
Published: 01 September 2017
... use of risk (79%) and demonization frames (25 the racing industry slowly changed its stance from vigilant but unconcerned to high risk and calling for a flying-fox cull. An example of this is the Trainers push for bat cull article published in the Northside Chronicle (Walker 2011, 20 July, p.5...
Journal Articles
Australian Zoologist (2014) 32 (3): 420–430.
Published: 17 March 2014
... 271 280 Bednekoff, P.A. and Lima, S.L. 1998. Randomness, chaos and confusion in the study of antipredator vigilance. Trends in Ecology & Evolution 13: 284-287. Randomness, chaos and confusion in the study of antipredator vigilance Trends in Ecology & Evolution 13 284 287...
Journal Articles
Australian Zoologist (2021) 42 (3): 690–698.
Published: 29 October 2021
... way, such as moving away from the sound source. The ShuRoo did not change the vigilance or flight responses of captive eastern grey and red kangaroos when the device was turned on or off (Bender 2001). In controlled trials of the Roo-Guard, which was also marketed by ShuRoo, captive tammar wallabies...
Journal Articles
Australian Zoologist (2020) 41 (1): 86–93.
Published: 01 October 2020
.... Wildlife Society Bulletin 39: 780-787. doi: 10.1002/wsb.598. Arandjelovic, M., Bergl, R.A., Ikfuingei, R., Jameson, C., Parker, M. and Vigilant, L. 2015. Detection dog efficacy for Cristescu, R.H., Foley, E., Markula, A., Jackson, G., Jones, D. collecting faecal samples from the critically endangered Cross...
Journal Articles
Australian Zoologist (2021) 41 (3): 358–366.
Published: 28 October 2021
... vigilant, feed less, 2021 AuZstoraolilaongist volume 41 (3) 361 Banks and flee earlier (see review by Banks et al. 2018). Dingoes and domestic dogs were not distinguished as separate species in the meta-analysis because uncertain levels of hybridisation meant it was impossible to identify studies involving...
Journal Articles
Australian Zoologist (2020) 40 (3): 392–403.
Published: 01 May 2020
.... A device of this kind will be a valuable tool in programs where vigilance by managers is constrained by resources or when maintenance visits to sites are difficult, and could provide continuous toxic bait delivery during programs to provide sustained control. Autonomous Gate Trap/Remote Recognition...
Journal Articles
Australian Zoologist (2014) 31 (1): 292–300.
Published: 17 March 2014
... on charts but new obstructions appear year by year and continued vigilance by the pilot is necessary. An additional hazard is posed by rising terrain, particularly with a following wind. Many of the aeronautical implications of low level flight are dealt with in Grigg (1979). Profile flying The necessity...
Journal Articles
Australian Zoologist (2022) 42 (3): 752–769.
Published: 02 March 2022
... Wales, Mosman, NSW. httpsdoi.org/10.7882/FS.2002.028 Kiama Municipality Library. Foxground. Available at https library.kiama.nsw.gov.au/library/history/local-history-articles/ foxground. Accessed 16 June 2021. Klose, S., Welbergen, J., Goldizen, A. and Kalko, E. 2009. Spatiotemporal vigilance...