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Issue Cover
Current Issue
Volume 4,
Issue 2
December 2023

Editorial Staff

ISSN: 2689-7644

About the Journal

The Scholar program was started in 2015 by physicians tasked with one challenge: Create a system wide change in an academic clinical education setting to engage in self-replicating research endeavors. The method relied on live adult learning workshops designed to demystify and remove the fear of starting research. Read More

Scholar’s Inaugural Call for Papers!

Scholar is proud to launch our medical journal with a formal call for papers. We are accepting any pilot or validation study. This journal is free to submit, publish and read.

Pilot studies: Can range from case reports to small scale studies. We also accept in vitro and animal studies.

Validation studies: Can be any study that duplicates or near duplicates another published study. This can be either in part or whole.

Special Interest Topics: Under this category specific works ranging from letters to the editor, medical hypothesis, perspectives, medical/health care polices can be submitted.

Features & Information

Featured Article

Scholar 7 Videos

Develop a hypothesis, create specific aims, preliminary data, materials and methods, and conclusions. The completed document will serve as your Institutional Review Board (IRB) document for submission.

Featured Article

Scholar 4 Videos

This series provides the style and floor plan of a proper abstract, poster, manuscript and oral presentation.

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Scholar Specific

Three unique series on: Learning how to write a Case presentations/report. How the research process is almost identical comparing Osteopathic research and other forms of research. Creating an Osteopathic Recognized Curriculum.

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Scholar 12

A computer application for students, residents and faculty, used to develop a scholarly culture within your institution.
Featured Article

Scholar Teacher

An Osteopathic faculty development program for use in ACGME Osteopathic Recognition.

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