The sustainability trail of Arnisäge is a follow-up project to the educational nature trail of Rotiholz, which was established in the 1970s at the same place. The different concepts of the two trails demonstrate the development of the past two decades with regard to forest pedagogy, leading from the classical trail with information boards to the adventure trail. The second view point concerns the structure of the project. One of the significant characteristics is its long-term realisation in stages (1996 to 2001). Another rather unusual aspect is the co-operation of numerous local and regional participants. The third aspect comes from the concept of the sustainability trail based on a broad cultural and natural-historical forest notion with regard to the contents. This study mainly focuses on the mise en scène of this topic by means of installations, objects and indicating boards. The peculiarities of the sustainability trail of Arnisage can be correlated to the existing general literature on environmental education.

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