In 2010, there were no major forest policy issues that attracted media attention. The year 2010 was rather marked by the preparation of decisions “offstage” and by recurring administrative implementation activities. The partial revision of the forest law, which has been launched, can be regarded as special, because it is not a routine affair: the Committee for the Environment, Spatial Planning and Energy of the Council of States decided to revise particularly article 7 (compensation for deforestation) and article 10 (assessing forest status) of the forest law, and thus loosen the strict regime for forest conservation. Concerning the sectoral policies related to forest, the parliament took the law on spatial planning (RPG) one step further towards its revision. With the proposed revision of the spatial planning law's article 5 (value-added charge) a forest policy relevant article is now up for discussion. Different forest relevant topics on the international political agenda were discussed during the two international conferences on biodiversity and climate convention just as during the treatment of the alpine and the landscape convention. Next year the discussions will presumably be about the future forest conservation policy.

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