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Teaching and Learning during COVID-19

Student Forum

Reaching Behind the Black Screen

Shira Passentin


What Worked, What Did Not: University Instruction during a Pandemic

Neil A. Manson; Randy M. Wadkins

Report on BASICS: Lesson Plan on Aerosols and Infection

Rebecca D. Hogewood; Sharyn A. Endow

Reflections on COVID-19-Induced Online Teaching in Biophysics Courses

Stefan Klumpp; Sarah Köster; Anne C. Pawsey; Yvonne Lips; Martin Wenderoth; Pascal Klein

Updating MoonProt From Home: An Online Student Research Project During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Constance J. Jeffery

Adapting Undergraduate Research to Remote Work to Increase Engagement

Susan E. Cohen; Sara M. Hashmi; A-Andrew D. Jones, III; Vasiliki Lykourinou; Mary Jo Ondrechen; Srinivas Sridhar; Anne L. van de Ven; Lauren S. Waters; Penny J. Beuning

An Approach to Transitioning Undergraduate Biochemistry Laboratory Courses Online

Sarah F. Mitchell; Kathryn D. Mouzakis

Research Articles

Remote Exploration of Experimental Biophysical Instrumentation in Core Facilities

Lydia Kisley

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