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Written Permissions to Include Previously Published Materials in a THI Journal Article

Authors are responsible for obtaining written permissions upon manuscript submission or shortly thereafter if they plan to include any of the following:

  1. Previously published materials (contact copyright holder)
  2. Personal observations and personal communications other than those of the authors (include direct quotation with signature of the researcher, along with the month and year of observation or communication)
  3. Names of contributors other than the authors, as in an acknowledgment (which might imply endorsement of your data and conclusions)
  4. Photographs of human subjects

When documenting permissions for items 2 and 3 above, a separate Conditions for Publication form can be used: write the manuscript number and “For Acknowledgments Only” on the form and submit it to the Journal.

Written Permissions to Reproduce Copyrighted Material from the THI Journal for Other Uses

The Texas Heart Institute Journal is a copyrighted publication. No textual matter, tables, figures, or motion mages may be copied for re-publication, electronic transmittal, or storage without the written permission of the Journal Permissions Editor nor may they be used in addresses, seminars, or symposia without such permission. Persons engaged in research may make single copies for personal use when this activity falls within the definition of “fair use” as set forth in U.S. Copyright Law. These copies may not be sold, used for advertising purposes, or incorporated into new works. Multiple copies for hospital or classroom use are permitted, as long as written permission is obtained in advance from the Journal.

The THI Journal does not own the copyright to all materials published therein. This may be clear from the absence of a copyright notice on the title page of the article or from a separate attribution below a figure. In either case, those interested in reproducing such materials should request information from the corresponding author.

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