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Ordering Reprints

The Texas Heart Institute Journal Reprint Order Center is a full-service reprint order site that makes it easy to order high-quality professional reprints of articles published in the THI Journal. Printing expenses are borne by the requestor.

Reprint Policy

Any author on the title page of the article is eligible to order reprints. Orders of more than 100 reprints by non-authors require a royalty payment and permission from the Journal’s Permissions Editor. This must be arranged by e-mailing the Journal Office or calling Jim Bagg at (832) 355-6667 before placing the order. (See also: Written Permissions to Reproduce Copyrighted Material).

Reprint Details

  • All reprints are printed on high-quality paper.
  • Articles originally published with no color figures should be ordered in black & white. Reprints of articles originally published with color can be ordered in black & white only, or in color for an additional fee.
  • Reprints are shipped approximately 2 to 3 weeks after online Journal publication and the receipt of your order and payment. Payments must be received before reprints can be shipped.

The Texas Heart Institute Journal does not order reprints or have them available.

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