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Editorial Services

The Texas Heart Institute Journal publishes high-quality scientific articles. During the review process, editors and reviewers evaluate manuscripts to ensure that they adhere to article type and technical requirements and that they are written in standard English (see Information for Authors). Authors may be asked to have a professional medical editor help them with their manuscripts before acceptance.

The Texas Heart Institute has introduced help for THI Journal authors through its Department of Scientific Publications, whose editors are certified by the Board of Editors in the Life Sciences (BELS) and trained by the American Medical Writers Association (AMWA). Learn more about this qualified team.


If you are interested in securing help, please contact Stephen N. Palmer, PhD, ELS ([email protected]). Let him know if you are affiliated with The Texas Heart Institute.

Editorial Process

  1. The author revises the manuscript to address reviewer comments and drafts the revised cover letter.
  2. The editor reviews the manuscript and the revised cover letter, corrects language and formatting, suggests organizational changes, and asks the author to clarify confusing language or conflicting statements.
  3. The author reviews the changes, answers any questions, and corrects errors.
  4. The author returns the manuscript and revised cover letter to the editor.
  5. The editor incorporates the final changes into the manuscript.
    Note: Each round of editing after this will result in additional charges.
  6. The author approves the manuscript and resubmits it through Editorial Manager.

Editorial Services Cost

Word Count* Cost Additional Editing
≤700 $300 $200
701 to 1,500 $1,200 $250
1,501 to 3,500 $2,000 $375
3,501 to 7,500 $2,500 $750
7,501 to 12,000 $3,250 $1,125

* The word count includes the entire document—from the title page through the figure legends.

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