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Open Access Articles with Creative Commons Licenses

On July 15, 2023, The Texas Heart Institute Journal will be fully Open Access, and authors will retain copyright under a Creative Commons License. Each online article and the PDF clearly indicate the license applied. The terms of reuse are explained here: Open Access and Creative Commons Licenses.

Legacy Articles

Unless specified otherwise, The Texas Heart Institute, publisher of The Texas Heart Institute Journal, retains copyright ownership of articles submitted before July 15, 2023. Each online article and PDF clearly indicate ownership when applicable.

Terms of Reuse for Copyrighted Material Owned by The Texas Heart Institute

  • Authors may reuse parts of their own work (for example, figures, motion images, and tables) published in The Texas Heart Institute Journal, without requesting permission. However, entire articles, supplementary materials, or large portions of articles cannot be published, archived, or presented elsewhere. Contact the Permissions Editor with questions or concerns.
  • Individuals who are not authors of work published in The Journal must request written permission from the Permissions Editor to reuse components (for example, figures, motion images, and tables).
  • Individuals may make single copies for personal use under the definition of “fair use” according to U.S. Copyright Law. These copies may not be sold, used for advertising purposes, or incorporated into new works.
  • Multiple copies for hospital or classroom use are permitted, as long as written permission is obtained from the Permissions Editor.
  • Some articles published in The Journal contain copyrighted materials from other publishers and sources. In most cases, the copyright notice will be missing from the title page of the article, or a legend may indicate the original source below a figure or table. Individuals should contact the original copyright owner for permissions to reuse.
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