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Revised Submissions | Accepted Submissions

Revised Submissions

Revision Due Dates

The specific due date for revised submissions is included in the decision letter.

Contact the editorial office regarding questions about revised submissions ([email protected]).

Review Process
  • The reviewers from the original submission may be invited to evaluate the revised submission, or an editor may determine that the submission is suitable for publication.
  • If a statistical review was not completed previously, a biostatistician evaluates the revised submission. Further revisions may be required.
  • The THI Journal strives to review revisions within 6 weeks of receipt.

Required Files on Revision
  1. Revised Cover Letter
    • Copy all Reviewer Comments from the decision letter and paste them into a new document. (Keep each Reviewer Number with the corresponding list of comments.)
    • Add a response after each comment and indicate the page number(s) where changes were added to the text.
    • If a requested change was not made, explain why.
      Note: Reviewers ask the same questions that our readers will, so our editors carefully evaluate whether all the comments have been addressed. If the editors determine that the author did not adequately address all comments, the manuscript may be sent back for another round of revisions or rejected.
    • If you add or delete text, tables, or figures, mention it in your responses to the reviewer(s).
  2. Manuscript document
    • Do not add, remove, or change the order of authors on the title page.
      Note: You may add acknowledgments after the text.
    • Consider each reviewer comment and update the manuscript document accordingly.
      Note: Use the yellow highlight tool to indicate revisions. (Please do not submit the manuscript with Tracked Changes.)
    • Make sure the corresponding author’s contact information is current.
    • Update content, wording, and data consistently throughout the manuscript.
    • Check reference, table, and figure numbering.
  3. Supplemental Materials
    • Include a separate document for any requested information (detailed methods, supplemental tables or figures)
    • Include a spreadsheet (.xlsx) with supplemental data, when appropriate.
  4. Figures
    • Follow all reviewer instructions for producing print-quality figures. See the Digital Image Guide for details.
    • The number of figures allowed depends on the article type.
      Important: Each part of a multipart figure counts as one figure (for example, Figure 1A, 1B, and 1C = 3 figures).
    • If you add or delete figures, rename the figure files to match the new sequence.
    • Include labeled and unlabeled figures, as indicated in the decision letter.
  5. Motion Images
    • If reviewers ask for a motion image, a frame from the movie must be included as a figure.
    • See the Motion Image Guide for details.

Final Revisions

Authors may be required to correct the following issues:

  • Organize manuscripts to adhere to Article Type Requirements and Technical Requirements
  • Have the manuscript edited to meet standard English language and grammar conventions
  • Resolve discrepancies in the message or data
  • Supply figures that meet the technical requirements for publication (see Digital Image Guide)
    Note: The inability to supply high-resolution images may result in withdrawal.

IMPORTANT: In some cases, authors may be requested to have a professional medical editor assist them at their own expense.

Required Forms

Before acceptance, the following forms must be uploaded to Editorial Manager:

  • Signed Conditions Form, attesting to these statements:
    • Scientific Responsibility and Authorship Statement (ICMJE criteria for authorship)
    • Exclusive Publication Statement (the article is not being considered or has not been published elsewhere)
    • Conflict of Interest Statement
  • An e-mail (sent to [email protected]) from each acknowledged person, indicating agreement to be mentioned
  • Signed patient consent form (as needed)
  • Permission from the copyright holder to include previously published or adapted materials (as needed)

Accepted Submissions

Production and Publication Process
  • The THI Journal staff performs a final check for organization and formatting conventions, as well as for English language and grammar.
  • The manuscript is converted to PDF format, at which time figures are relabeled (as needed)
  • The corresponding author distributes the PDF to coauthors for review, responds to any queries from the editors, and indicates where corrections are needed.
  • The THI Journal staff ensures that final corrections are made before publication.
  • The PDF is sent to our web host to be prepared for publication.
  • Each article is published on as it becomes available. The first page of the PDF includes the epublication citation, and the last page shows the publication date.
  • Articles are indexed at PubMed shortly after publication. Full-text articles and PDFs are available at PubMed Central within a few weeks of publication.
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