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Tobacco Science Journal has a long and respected history as a tobacco focused publication since 1957.   Much of the foundational research on the production and processing of tobacco and how they impact leaf yield, chemistry, quality and usability has been published within the pages of Tobacco Science.  Tobacco Science is now published as an open-access online journal providing maximum visibility to a targeted audience of tobacco scientists worldwide.  Tobacco Science accepts submissions on tobacco production and processing research from all disciplines including, but not limited to agronomy, toxicology, biology, pathology, entomology, engineering, and chemistry. All submissions undergo a thorough peer review process to insure the quality and integrity of the information presented. Submissions are encouraged as one of three types: research notes, research articles, and review articles.

Research Note: Research notes should follow the same format as full length papers and are intended for the publication of brief or incomplete (must be properly designed and replicated) scientific studies of general interest to tobacco scientists. Research notes should be no more than 4 double spaced manuscript pages in length (not including the abstract and references cited) plus no more than two visual elements (i.e. 2 tables, 2 figures, or one of each). Research notes should report on original research not previously published in a national or international peer-reviewed outlet (previous publication in an abstract or proceedings from a conference is acceptable). Examples of research works that could potentially be published as a research note include preliminary studies, pesticide efficacy studies, and pesticide residue studies.

Research Article: Research articles are intended for the publication of original research not previously published in a national or international peer-reviewed outlet. Manuscripts should follow the general format of abstract, introduction, materials and methods, results and discussion, and references cited. There are no specific length requirements, however it is suggested that manuscripts be limited to less than 20 double spaced pages plus tables and figures.

Review articles: Review articles will be considered on topics of broad interest to the tobacco science community. Review articles should reflect a scholarly summary of the peer reviewed literature with regards to specific topics on tobacco production and processing. Opinion pieces or position papers will not be considered. Please contact the Tobacco Science Editor in Chief to discuss your ideas for a review article prior to submission.

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