Dendrochronologists regularly host conferences and workshops to share tree-ring research and new methodologies. Unfortunately, national and international scientific gatherings have also historically been events where some female researchers have experienced sexual harassment, discrimination, and assault. The objective of this project was to host a focus group with experienced conference and workshop organizers to gather best practices and policies to reduce the risk of sexual misconduct at these events. A concerted effort by organizers is needed, and this begins with the development of a diverse and inclusive organizing committee. Organizers will need to craft a sexual misconduct policy that includes a clear definition, a violation reporting system with multiple reporting pathways, a review process, an enforcement system with penalties for the violator, and supportive resources for victims. Currently, the Tree-Ring Society offers organizers of workshops and conferences a definition of sexual misconduct and possible penalties for violations; however, the dendrochronology discipline currently lacks a reporting system, formalized review system, and resources for victims. We hope sharing the results of this focus group will allow future conference and workshop organizers to implement these findings and provide a safe environment for all dendrochronologists.

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