There is a tendency of warming and wetting in northwestern China in recent decades. However, less is known about whether tree growth shows an increasing trend or not. In this study, we developed three tree-ring width chronologies of P. schrenkiana in the northern Tianshan Mountains to assess the changes in the radial growth of P. schrenkiana and to discuss the stability of the relationships between tree growth and climate. Three chronologies all showed that the tree-ring index has declined significantly since the 1960s. At two west sites, the growth of P. schrenkiana were all negatively affected by the summer temperature of the previous year. At east site, early summer temperature of the current year was the key factor affecting tree growth, indicating tree growth was limited by moisture. The result of moving-window correlations was consistent with correlation analyses. Spatial correlation analyses revealed that variations in tree-ring width could respond to a wide range of temperature changes in Northwest China, especially in the past half century. We expect that climate warming hinders the radial growth of P. schrenkiana in the northern Tianshan Mountains. Our study also helps to clarify the characteristics of tree growth in Northwest China under the influence of westerlies.

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