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Tree-Ring Research (TRR) is devoted to papers dealing with the growth rings of trees and the applications of tree-ring research in a wide variety of fields, including but not limited to archaeology, geology, ecology, hydrology, climatology, forestry, and botany. Papers involving research results, new techniques of data acquisition or analysis, and regional or subject-oriented reviews or syntheses are considered for publication.

Scientific papers usually fall into two main categories. Articles should not exceed 5000 words, or approximately 20 double-spaced typewritten pages, including tables, references, and an abstract of 200 words or fewer. All manuscripts submitted as Articles are reviewed by at least two referees. Research Reports, which are usually reviewed by at least one outside referee, should not exceed 1500 words or include more than two figures. Research Reports address technical developments, describe well-documented but preliminary research results, or present findings for which the Article format is not appropriate. Book or monograph Reviews of 500 words or less are also considered. Other categories of papers are occasionally published. All papers are published only in English. Abstracts of the Articles or Reports may be printed in other languages if supplied by the author(s) with English translations.

Submission Procedure for Initial Review Process (manuscripts to include page and line numbering):
Electronically submit one PDF file of the complete manuscript, including tables and figures (or alternatively an MS-Word DOC file of text with files containing figures in easily accessible formats such as PDF, JPG, GIF, TIF), and a separate file containing the cover letter of transmittal to:

Please provide the names of 3 possible reviewers with their contact information (postal and e-mail addresses, phone numbers) in your cover letter.

Follow the style and format of recent issues as guides to organization, units of measurement, abbreviations, and literature citation. Number ALL PAGES and TEXT LINES consecutively. Prospective authors might also consult “Canons for Writing and Editing Manuscripts” by Henri Grissino-Mayer in TRR v. 59, n. 1, for useful writing tips. Manuscripts must be typewritten double-spaced throughout (including the abstract, tables, captions, footnotes and references) on one side of approximately 22  28 cm paper, with margins of at least 2.5 cm, with tables and figures at the end. A separate title page should include the title, author(s), affiliation(s) and mailing address(es). Include telephone numbers in the letter of transmittal. The abstract should appear on a separate page preceding the text. Number tables consecutively using Arabic numerals; do not prepare tables with lines or boxes. Type tables (including titles) and figure captions separately and place them at the end of the manuscript. Explanatory notes in tables should be numbered and referenced in table titles or footnotes. All illustrations, whether line drawings or photographs, are considered figures to be denoted by Arabic numerals and cited consecutively in the text. After acceptance, figures are to be supplied preferably as separate digital files with at least 200 dpi resolution in TIFF or EPS format, and revised manuscripts provided as MS-Word files. Authors are responsible for reading proofs carefully and noting all errors. Except for corrections, alterations or additions must be kept to an absolute minimum. Consult recent issues for other style matters and proper reference format. Additional detailed instructions to authors, including the page charge schedule are accessible at and below.

Papers of 10 printed pages or less will be assessed no page charges; for papers exceeding 10 pages, the first 10 printed pages will have no page charges, printed pages 11-14 will be assessed a charge of US$20 per page and pages 15 and above will be charged $50 per page. On request, the Society shall consider fully or partially waiving page charges in cases of documented financial need. Each figure that authors request be in color in the published paper (pdf) will cost US$30.

Additionally, when proofs are produced from the accepted manuscripts of the authors, authors will be charged ($3 per change) for those changes they make on proofs that alter them from the wording/figures/tables that they provided in the accepted manuscript.

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