Counseling and education on women's health, specifically contraception, following spinal cord injury (SCI) is an important component of care for women with SCI. While a plethora of available contraceptive options exists, research in this area is scarce.


This systematic review assesses the quality and quantity of research on contraception for individuals with SCI.


Literature searches of three medical databases were performed to identify articles that addressed contraception and family planning for women with SCI. Articles were then screened in a two-stage selection process and evaluated for content.


Of 165 articles, 21 were identified that fit the inclusion criteria. The majority (66%) of articles were literature reviews or professional practice guidelines. Fourteen (66%) included information on short-acting hormonal oral contraception, 11 (52%) included information on long-acting reversible contraception, 15 (71%) included information on barrier methods, 6 (29%) included information on fertility awareness, 9 (43%) included information on permanent contraception, and one (5%) included information on emergency contraception.


This systematic review demonstrates a paucity of evidence-based information on contraception tailored to women with SCI. It highlights a need for research and comprehensive guidelines on primary and emergency contraception in this population.

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