This four‐part series of papers addresses the problem of systematic determination of the influence of several tire factors on tire treadwear. Both the main effect of each factor and some of their interactive effects are included. The program was also structured to evaluate the influence of some external‐to‐tire conditions on the relationship of tire factors to treadwear.

Part I describes the experimental design used to evaluate the effects on treadwear of generic tire type, aspect ratio, tread pattern (groove or void level), type of pattern (straight rib or block), and tread compound. Construction procedures and precautions used to obtain a valid and functional test method are included. Two guiding principles to be used in the data analyses of Parts II and III are discussed. These are the fractional groove and void concept, to characterize tread pattern geometry, and a demonstration of the equivalence of wear rate for identical compounds on whole tread or multi‐section tread tires.

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