In this paper, a nonlinear finite element tire model is developed as an effective fast modeling approach to analyze the stress fields within a loaded tire structure, with the contact patch geometry and contact pressure distribution in the tire‐road interface as functions of the normal load and the inflation pressure. The model considers the geometry and orientations of the cords in individual layers and the stacking sequence of different layers in the multi‐layered system to predict the interply interactions in the belts and carcass layers. The study incorporates nearly incompressible property of the tread rubber block and anisotropic material properties of the layers. The analysis is performed using ANSYS software, and the results are presented to describe the influence of the normal load on the various stress fields and contact pressure distributions. The computed footprint geometry is qualitatively compared with the measured data to examine the validity of the model. It is concluded that the proposed model can provide reliable predictions about the three‐dimensional stress and deformation fields in the multi‐layered system and the contact pressure distribution in the tire‐road interface.

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