Early in the morning Thursday October 26, 2006 Samuel K. Clark passed away at the age of 81. “Professor Emeritus Samuel K. Clark, Ph.D., P.E., SAE Fellow” said that anyone who was impressed by such things deserved what they got, which is why he was known to most people as “Sam.”

Sam was one of the preeminent tire researchers in the last half of the twentieth century and remained active after retirement working on specialized instrumentation in support of tire science. He will be remembered not only for his research work, but also for his positive influence on his students, consulting clients, and all who worked with him. A generation of tire research and development engineers had Clark's “Mechanics of Pneumatic Tires” as the foundation of their professional libraries. To tire engineers and tire scientists, they are simply known as Clark's Book.

Born in Ypsilanti, Michigan,...

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