Easy-to-use tire models for vehicle dynamics have been persistently studied for such applications as control design and model-based on-line estimation. This paper proposes a modified combined-slip tire model based on Dugoff tire. The proposed model takes emphasis on less time consumption for calculation and uses a minimum set of parameters to express tire forces. Modification of Dugoff tire model is made on two aspects: one is taking different tire/road friction coefficients for different magnitudes of slip and the other is employing the concept of friction ellipse. The proposed model is evaluated by comparison with the LuGre tire model. Although there are some discrepancies between the two models, the proposed combined-slip model is generally acceptable due to its simplicity and easiness to use. Extracting parameters from the coefficients of a Magic Formula tire model based on measured tire data, the proposed model is further evaluated by conducting a double lane change maneuver, and simulation results show that the trajectory using the proposed tire model is closer to that using the Magic Formula tire model than Dugoff tire model.

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